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LogisticsDegree.net is an online database of degree programs in logistics and related fields. We also offer a collection of articles about careers in logistics and transport. Our readers are encouraged to explore their interests, and prepare for exciting new careers.

Since 2012, we’ve been helping prospective students find and apply to best-fit degree programs. Our list of schools are catered to a variety of academic needs and career goals. We also help dissect need-to-know issues like accreditation, college affordability, and other aspects of higher education.

Whether you are looking for an online college, a spirited state university, or have your sights set on a hybrid program, LogisticsDegree.net can help minimize the stress associated with the admissions process.

Our Most Popular Resources

Our guides section is a resource hub for visitors looking for information on degree programs, specializations and certifications, and career options. These resources are consistently updated with the latest industry news.

Here’s a quick look at the history of LogisticsDegree.net:

  • December 2012: LogisticsDegree.net goes live with useful resources and degree program information for prospective logistics students!
  • March 2013: We publish our guide on career paths in logistics and supply chain management with the hope of steering our readers in the right direction.
  • May 2015: Our degree database expands even further to include programs that are “elevations” of well-established options in logistics.
  • June 2018: We officially re-launch LogisticsDegree.net with new content and updates to many of our useful resources.

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Let us know if you need any additional information or support by sending an email to following address: contact-AT-logisticsdegree.net. We’re active on social media, and post regularly on topics related to degree programs, updates in the, and other useful information.

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Also, if you want to learn more about a specific degree program, we can help. Take some time to learn about the different schools that offer logistics degree programs, and send us an email with your questions.