Masters In Industrial Engineering Programs

Industrial engineering is a business-focused discipline. It looks at the simplest way to structure work in order to maximize efficiency. Industrial engineering graduates often move into management, as they are often involved in ergonomics/work design to improve the work environment. It’s a suitable and challenging career for anyone who enjoys problem solving and finding the best solution.

The study of industrial engineering places emphasis upon developing the student’s abilities to analyze and design systems that integrate technical and economic factors in manufacturing, service, social, and government organizations. A master’s degree in industrial engineering strengthens those abilities and prepares graduates for advanced roles in the field. Students take courses in physics, calculus, engineering design, and work analysis and design.

There are plenty of online, campus, and hybrid programs available for those interested in master’s degree in industrial engineering. Use the links below to navigate our list of degrees.

A master’s degree program in industrial engineering often takes two to three years to complete. These programs aim to provide multidisciplinary scientific and technical training. The programs in this list are offered completely online, allowing you to work towards your degree on your timetable.

Lawrence Technological University

Lawrence Technological University – Accredited By BLANK

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering: “Lawrence Tech’s Master of Science in Industrial Engineering can prepare you to compete in today’s ever-changing workforce by not only helping you stay abreast on current trends and technologies within the field, but also by developing your leadership skills. This program consists of 30 credit hours, and focuses on providing advanced knowledge in operations optimization, process control, reliability, design of experiments, and more. Students can choose either a course-work only option or a thesis option.” Click Here to request information about this program.

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