Recommended References for Logistics IT

Computers are at the center of every successful logistics operation. Global networks of highly interlocked supply chains have a level of complexity that would be completely unmanageable without well designed software and people who know how to use it. That is why the field of logistics information technology is booming, and why it offers such an opportunity for new entrants into the logistics industry. Anyone with technical knowhow and an understanding of how logistics companies operate could prove to be a huge asset as the demand for logistics IT services continues to grow. Some of the best logistics IT providers concentrate on a specific branch of logistics, including:

  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Supply chain management
  • Procurement
  • Cargo and Freight Shipping

Logistics IT providers, industry magazines, and general logistics news sources are all included on this list to provide as complete a picture as possible of the quickly evolving logistics IT space. These sites are not being ranked or rated comparatively, they are only being recommended as useful references for newcomers and veterans in logistics IT.

Logistics IT Providers & News Sources

Providers of logistics information technology and software are often the best sources of news and updates about innovations in the field. Subscribing to newsletters or just checking back with their blogs regularly is a good way for hopefuls in the industry to stay on top of changes in the field.

  1. McLeod Software

    McLeod Software

    McLeod Software offers a variety of solutions to serve companies in trucking centric business. They can help with trucking dispatch operations, brokerage solutions, freight management solutions, document management and workflow and operations.

    Socialize: @McLeodSoftware

  2. Knighted, an Intelligrated Company

    Knighted, an Intelligrated Company

    Knighted offers logistics companies top of the line software solutions, including picking and order management features. Their labor management software, for instance, provides real-time information to manage and plan warehouse labor for increased productivity and efficiency.

    Socialize: @Intelligrated

  3. LogFire


    LogFire creates innovative secure cloud-based suites of cost effective and easy-to-use solutions for supply chains. This forward thinking company offers products to increase efficiencies, agility, and flexibility for today’s business and for the future.

    Socialize: @LogFire_

  4. C3 Solutions

    C3 Solutions

    C3 has software solutions for any number of logistics needs. They have a yard management tool, dock scheduling software, and other industry solutions.

    Socialize: @c3solutions

  5. Cheetah Software Systems


    Cheetah’s real-time logistics for route planning, dispatch, and delivery operations are unparalleled. The company’s dedication to speed and efficiency makes them a leader in logistics IT.

    Socialize: @CheetahSoftware

  6. Quintiq


    Quintiq sets the bar high with their stated goal of “Solving the world’s planning puzzles.” The Quintiq platform offers incredible flexibility and ease of use for companies that take their supply chains seriously.

    Socialize: @Quintiq

  7. Trade Tech

    Trade Tech

    Trade Tech’s logistics and technology experts have created applications for sales, operations and accounting processes into a single environment. They also offer a full-service data entry option to support software deployment to help customers support and serve their clients.

    Socialize: @TradeTechUSA

  8. UltraShipTMS


    The Ultra team developed a hosted solution to leverage all the efficiencies inherent in a web-based technology. Their configurable transportation software package works in all modes of transportation and logistics.

    Socialize: @UltraShipTMS

  9. 3Gtms


    The TMS system has embedded optimization to help clients make better shipping decisions. It is built to adjust or re-plan for the best cost and routing outcome.

    Socialize: @3GTMS

  10. Information Technology – Crane Worldwide

    Information Technology - Crane Worldwide

    Crane Worldwide Logistics has created software that helps unite fragmented portions of logistics under one roof and refine efficiency standards and practices. It’s incredibly useful to companies looking to be more effective globally.

    Socialize: @CWWLogistics

  11. One Network Enterprises

    One Network Enterprises

    One Network provides community based supply chain solutions to help customers increase profitability and efficiencies by optimizing their supply chain operations. Their software helps customers to easily collaborate with all their value chain participants on a single network.  
  12. ShipXpress


    ShipX is for shippers, traders and transload operators. They have software that sustains all vital areas for their clients, including tracking, yard management, rates, and other documents.  
  13. Agistix


    Agistix is the first solution to provide complete, real-time visibility into every shipment businesses pay for across all carriers, suppliers, and modes. They deliver the complete data and analytic tools to manage a supply chain.  
  14. PINC Solutions

    PINC Solutions

    PINC Solutions helps suppliers, carriers, and shippers utilize software designed to refine transportation management in real-time. They’ve pioneered Advanced Yard Management Systems that have been integral to improving logistics.  
  15. DC Velocity

    DC Velocity

    DC Velocity magazine targets the informational needs of distribution center managers and executives. They write about emerging technology, management trends, market research, labor issues, and more.  
  16. Modern Materials Handling

    Modern Materials Handling

    Since 1946, Modern Materials Handling has provided the most comprehensive coverage of productivity solutions for materials handling professionals in distribution, warehousing and manufacturing. They reach audience of over 132,000 individuals with market research, reviews, and more.  
  17. SPS Commerce

    SPS Commerce

    SPS Commerce is the leading retail expert in supply chain strategy. They work with retailers, suppliers, and other trading partners to offer dynamic market solutions and create strong, long term partnerships.  
  18. SAP for Travel & Transportation

    SAP for Travel & Transportation

    SAP for Travel & Transportation emphasizes the need for more efficient operations for improving margins and ensuring assets arrive to their desired locations on time. The site features videos, along with an outline of services needed for improving adaptability, collaboration, and much more.

    Socialize: @SAPTechnology

  19. GE Transportation’s Optimization Solutions

    GE Transportation's Optimization Solutions

    Featuring innovations not often seen in other companies, GE Transportation’s Optimization Solutions helps to develop integrative tools for optimizing shipping on rails.

    Socialize: @GETRANSPORT

  20. CTSI-Global


    CTSI-Global has been around for nearly 6 decades and along the way, they’ve been able to identify trends in the industry before they occur and act on them, making them a leader in results-oriented practices. They work with companies across the world to increase efficiency, while reducing transportation costs.

    Socialize: @CTSIGlobal

  21. eShipGlobal


    eShipGlobal provides shipping software solutions for businesses both large and small all over the world. Some of their customers include Mitsubishi, Acer, and Yale University.

    Socialize: @eShipGlobal

  22. Neovia Logistics Information Technology

    Neovia Logistics Information Technology

    Neovia Logistics Information Technology understands the unique stipulations imposed in in logistics today and why a flexible IT platform is so crucial. With this insight, they’re able to adopt an approach that is faster and more sustainable for businesses to find success regarding logistics.

    Socialize: @NeoviaTweets

  23. Roadnet Technologies

    Roadnet Technologies

    Roadnet Technologies drives home the importance of transportation costs and how to reduce them greatly. They have a significant background in case studies and useful tools for businesses to make the most educated choices regarding shipping and transportation.

    Socialize: @Roadnet

  24. LeanLogistics


    LeanLogistics shows their professionalism and depth of services through their commitment to customer solutions and does so through fleet management, transportation optimization, managed transportation, and much more. Their site also features a wealth of useful resources, including webinars, videos, and analyst reports.

    Socialize: @LeanLogistics

  25. Llamasoft


    Llamasoft has developed impressive software to model, analyze, and optimize supply chain operations, which has made it easier than ever to understand events before they happen and avoid misfires. Their site showcases and impressive selection of options for businesses.

    Socialize: @LLamaNews

  26. Apriso Corporation

    Apriso Corporation

    Global manufacturers have been using Apriso for over 20 years to ease the challenges of global operations management. Their software is award-winning and offers supply chain networks to deliver real-time visibility and control over business processes.

    Socialize: @Apriso

  27. Cass Information Systems

    Cass Information Systems

    Cass delivers specialized expense management solutions to control costs for logistics, mobility, energy, waste and other corporate expenses. They focus on processing complex payables that require specialized tools and processes.

    Socialize: @CassInfo

  28. MercuryGate International

    MercuryGate International

    MercuryGate International has developed a cloud-based software solution that affords companies the flexibility to access updates on-the-go regarding the latest updates in their supply chain. This makes it easier than ever to stay updated on day-to-day operations in the company.

    Socialize: @MercuryGate

  29. Demand Solutions

    Demand Solutions

    Demand Solutions has been providing software for the full spectrum of supply chain management since 1985. Their products enable companies to increase inventory planning accuracy, improve fill rates, and increase customer satisfaction.

    Socialize: @demandsolutions

  30. NGC Software

    NGC Software

    NGC Software is a 21st century company that works with leading apparel designers and retailers to ensure the chain of resources and transportation of goods is maximized. Their services over the last 30 years have propelled them to be one of the most recognizable names in the industry.

    Socialize: @NGC_Software

  31. 3PL Central

    3PL Central

    3PL Central provides easy-to-use on-demand warehouse management software third-party logistics, public warehouses and warehouse operations of all kinds. Their resources help them run more efficient, cost effective, and growing businesses.  
  32. SmartFreightWare


    SmartFreightWare has a strong emphasis on infrastructure and uses this to increase shipping functionality through the latest in IT work. They are experts at decreasing transportation costs and reducing the time to get products to customers.

    Socialize: @SFWare

  33. Descartes Systems Group

    Descartes Systems Group

    Descartes Logistics Technology Platform gives logistics firms completely customizable options to support and define their business. Their solutions allow their customers to conduct business globally, with customs compliance software, broker and forwarder systems, and more.

    Socialize: @DescartesSG

  34. Blue Ridge Inventory Group

    Blue Ridge Inventory Group

    Blue Ridge software helps retailers, distributors and manufacturers achieve greater order fulfillment and customer satisfaction. Their comprehensive technology offers support and education to logistics professional.

    Socialize: @blueridgeinvent

  35. Maves International Software

    Maves International Software

    Making sure a company has all the resources to succeed is an impressive task to accomplish these days, especially in the face of constant innovation. Maves International Software helps do this through 3PL software that focuses on the most contemporary aspects of logistics.

    Socialize: @MavesIntl

  36. Deposco


    Increasing efficiency can often come down to aspects such as streamlining a supply chain and figuring out how to improve service levels, which is what Deposco specializes at. Through an on-demand delivery model and an approach that maximizes implementation, they’ve been able to take analytics by storm.

    Socialize: @Deposco

  37. Gray Peaks

    Gray Peaks

    Gray Peaks helps manage risk, along with trade and regulatory compliance around the world. Their impressive management team helps keep them at the forefront of the industry, while making sure to not compromise on the small aspects.

    Socialize: @Graypeaks

  38. Amber Road

    Amber Road

    Amber Road has been an innovator in global trade, notably through their wide-ranging services that include transportation management, export management, supply chain visibility, and more. Their site is great for prospective clients to gain notable insight that can be used to understand why they’re the best choice for redefining their avenues for moving goods.

    Socialize: @GTMBestPractice

  39. Logility


    Logility Voyager Solutions are comprehensive and collaborative supply chain solutions that help small, medium, large, and Fortune 1000 companies. These software products proactively plan, source, schedule, produce, store, transport and trace supply chain activities.

    Socialize: @logilityinc

  40. TransWorks


    TransWorks was formed in 2001 to help make shipping more productive by offering leading transportation management systems that focus on ensuring clients are situated from start-to-finish. It’s this attention to detail that has launched the company into the success they’ve found in recent years.

    Socialize: @TransWorks

  41. CT Logistics

    CT Logistics

    CT Logistics incorporates innovative new practices, such as freight payment and logistics management, to improve the chain of supplies. They’ve been around since 1923 and consistently work to create worthwhile logistics techniques for companies.

    Socialize: @ctlogistics

  42. ClearTrack


    ClearTrack has a noble goal of being the world’s most recognized source regarding supply chain information and works ardently to improve their business practice. Through a collaborative nature regarding private and public supply chain information, they’ve been able to make an impressive amount of processes quicker.

    Socialize: @ClearTrackMobi

  43. Logistics Systems Incorporated (LSI)

    Logistics Systems Incorporated (LSI)

    Logistics Systems Incorporated is a consulting firm with a background in military leadership and furthers the missions of companies involved in integrated logistics, science and technical series, and IT work.  
  44. Distribution & Logistics – Cotran Technologies, Ltd.

    Distribution & Logistics - Cotran Technologies, Ltd.

    Cotran Technologies Distribution & Logistics delivers incredible software and information technology solutions that make companies more efficient and increase productivity. Their impressive software helps relieve companies of the cumbersome aspects of generating quotations, pick-up orders, and handling air, ocean, and ground shipments.  
  45. InfoLogistics


    InfoLogistics works with companies to develop applications, revitalize databases, looks at website design, development, and more.  
  46. Aankhen


    Aankhen has a number of resources and applications for supply chains. They provide the best expertise in the industry and resources to develop logistics solutions.  
  47. MagicLogic Optimization

    MagicLogic Optimization

    MagicLogic helps to optimize the shipping and logistics operations of anyone who needs with containers, truck and rail cars. It’s easy to use and constantly being updated to offer the best features.  
  48. Fortigo


    Fortigo takes the headache out of a variety of processes and ensures management solutions are the most effective possible. Their web software is designed to be applicable to any web browser, increasing the accessibility, and in turn effectiveness, of it.  
  49. Softeon


    The ever-changing supply chain culture demands a platform that’s able to consolidate tasks and Softeon meets those needs through an interface that makes it quicker and more efficient to handle analytics.  
  50. Navegate


    Navegate is a one-stop software solution designed to increase viability within supply chains and enhance transportation management.  

    From Cloud-based solutions to useful webinars and articles, has an impressive selection of tools to improve how employers are approaching logistics.  
  52. CDM Software Solutions

    CDM Software Solutions

    CDM Software Solutions creates transportation software designed for a global economy and infrastructure. Since their founding in 1988, they’ve revolutionized the way that companies connect with transportation resources.  
  53. Logisuite Corporation

    Logisuite Coporation

    Logisuite Corporation is making logistics software solutions for the average consumer, which is make it easier than ever for companies to stay at the cutting edge of transporting and analyzing how to move goods. Warehousing, ocean and air freight, trucking, and even barcoding are all areas they specialize in.  
  54. InMotion Global

    InMotion Global

    InMotion Global has long been heralded for their impressive commitments to the increasingly global industry of transportation and helps to create free software that saves the shipper time, along with money.  
  55. Freightgate


    Freightgate is leading the way in e-Logistics and have ardently worked towards finding ways to reduce supply chain costs, while implementing techniques that are useful globally. Through a cloud platform called Freightgate Universe, they’ve been able to revolutionize how supply chains work throughout the world.  

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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a huge sector of the logistics IT space, and professionals with a knack for supply chain issues face a great deal of competition, which means staying on the cutting edge is very, very important.

  1. JDA Software

    JDA Software

    JDA Software Group, Inc. offers solutions for businesses at all levels, including supply chain, retail merchandising, store operations and all-channel channels. Their comprehensive solutions help to save companies time, resources and money.

    Socialize: @JDASoftware

  2. The Supply Chain Management Blog

    The Supply Chain Management Blog

    This blog offers advice and suggestions for the supply chain management industry. They also have a ten steps guide to help businesses select the right SCM software.

    Socialize: @SoftwareAdvice

  3. CargoSmart


    CargoSmart is a leading provider of global shipment management solutions that leveraging big data for greater visibility and benchmarking, for shippers and logistics service providers to enhance service levels, improve collaboration, and save costs. Award-winning applications include visibility, documentation, carrier contract management, compliance, and private label solutions.

    Socialize: @CargoSmart

  4. Snapfulfil


    The warehouse management solutions tool at Snapfulfil is perfect for clients ranging from small businesses to global corporations. They also offer many other tools for supply chain management, including solutions for manufacturing, e-commerce, and retail and distribution.

    Socialize: @Snapfulfil

  5. Pathguide Latitude Warehouse Management

    Pathguide Latitude Warehouse Management

    As industries become increasing global, it’s imperative to be able to have advanced warehouse management in order to more aptly address demand. Pathguide Latitude Warehouse Management has been a crucial component to this and their warehouse management software has been incredibly useful to many of those in the industry.

    Socialize: @PathGuide

  6. IBS


    IBS works with customers to develop solutions designed to improve business intelligence through software that helps manage distribution. They create applications that focus on whole, distribution, and manufacturing.

    Socialize: @IBSDistribution

  7. U Route Software


    U Route is straightforward, user-friendly Transportation Management System software designed to strengthen the relationship between shippers and carriers. It offers direct e-carrier management, user-friendly procurement, RFQ development and bid capabilities, load tendering, and robust analytics.

    Socialize: @uroute

  8. Proqur


    Proqur software offers one platform for a whole company. Their tools create and place orders, manage suppliers, track procurement quality and costs, all from one place.

    Socialize: @proqur

  9. Procurify


    Procurify is a highly evolved Purchasing Software. It has easy-to-use features and cost management capabilities that can benefit any business.  
  10. ShippersEdge


    ShippersEdge is shipping software for LTL and Truckload shipping for use for any business from a single user to large enterprises. It is an affordable, hosted TMS shipping software that supports and helps to manage all logistics departments and operations.  
  11. The Network Effect – Beyond Supply Chains

    The Network Effect - Beyond Supply Chains

    The Network Effect explores emerging trends in the supply chain industry. They draw on experts and thought leaders from a variety of industries, disciplines, and backgrounds.

    Socialize: @networkeffectsc

  12. ACCTivate!


    ACCTivate! Is the perfect add-on to QuickBooks or Intacct and allows for inventory management without having to jump between applications. The versatility of the program, while emphasizing wide-ranging features, makes it an impressive tool.

    Socialize: @ACCTivate

  13. Fishbowl


    Fishbowl increases the efficiency of wholesale distribution, along with innovative manufacturing techniques that can be integrated with QuickBooks. In addition, the ability to track assets enables them to be separated distinctly from the pack.

    Socialize: @fishbowl

  14. Icertis


    The Cloud is the next innovation in technology and Icertis is working to apply the most beneficial aspects of it to analytics and make companies more efficient. By offloading large amounts of data to storage on the internet, companies are able to maximize the time focused on the important tasks of day-to-day business.

    Socialize: @icertis

  15. Puridiom


    Through automation and centralization of the purchasing function, Puridiom empowers buyers to get the latest in spend analytics. Their techniques have been crucial to saving time and finding the best solutions for companies of all types.

    Socialize: @PuridiomPros

  16. Novatus Contract Management

    Novatus Contract Management

    Novatus Contract Management creates software that can work on computers, along with mobile devices, and unites various aspects related to sales and the rollout of client-based solutions. The results are increased productivity and dependability.

    Socialize: @NovatusCLM

  17. Epicor Supply Chain Management

    Epicor Supply Chain Management

    Epicor offers specific solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail, and other industries. Their distribution software solutions offer a full range of order management, supply chain, and warehousing capabilities.

    Socialize: @Epicor

  18. Logimax


    Logimax specializes in complete ERP solutions for manufacturers and distributors. They provide customers with reliable and affordable solutions to handle any challenges in the distribution industry.  
  19. Datalliance VMI

    Datalliance VMI

    Datalliance VMI has revolutionized the industry through techniques that increase collaboration between suppliers and customers. The site also has an impressive array of material to help become the most efficient at communicating with vendors and suppliers.  
  20. WISE – Royal 4 Systems

    WISE - Royal 4 Systems

    WISE – Royal 4 Systems is a leader in warehouse management systems and implements leading upgrades to supply chain solutions through increased inventory accuracy and turnover, along with reduced response times and transportation costs.  
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Third-Party Logistics

Third party logistics providers may take on a wide array of responsibilities for their clients. Flexible software that is responsive and easy to use enables much great efficiency and effectiveness for 3PL providers.

  1. Trinity Logistics

    Trinity Logistics

    Trinity Logistics can service a number of logistics needs, including transportation management software, supply chain software solutions, logistics consulting, and warehousing. Their technology solutions offer excellent transpiration management systems for any size business.

    Socialize: @Trinity_Tweeps

  2. J.B. Hunt

    J.B. Hunt

    J.B Hunt provides customized freight movement, revenue equipment, labor and systems services that are tailored to meet individual customers’ needs. Their ability to offer a number of personalized services sets them apart in the logistics industry.  
  3. Corporate Traffic Logistics

    Corporate Traffic Logistics

    Corpofic Traffic Logistics offers incredibly flexible solutions. They give their customers give you the stability, control and flexibility in their logistics situations.  
  4. STC Logistics

    STC Logistics

    STC Logistics has over 45 years of experience in commercial freight, so they can be depended on to lead the way regarding industry innovation in transportation logistics. They handle many types of shipping and also advocate for leading techniques regarding nationwide distribution.

    Socialize: @STCLogistics

  5. 3PL Systems Inc.

    3PL Systems Inc.

    3PL Systems Inc. leads the way through their software, Brokerware, which is freight broker software that outlines the best approaches to profitability. Additionally, they’ve made it easier than ever to manage shipments and transportation from one central location with this software.  
  6. Distribution Technology

    Distribution Technology

    Distribution Technology is a customer and service centered organization. They have been a leading logistics company for over 40 years and boast state-of-the-art technology and intelligence to serve the logistics industry.  
  7. Columbian Logistics Network

    Columbian Logistics Network

    For over 100 years, Columbian has been providing third party logistics services in Grand Rapids and throughout the State of Michigan. They offer a full menu of supply chain services and work collaboratively with their clients.  
  8. Unyson Logistics

    Unyson Logistics

    Unyson Logistics lets companies do what they do best, while focusing on the more complex aspects of transportation of goods. It’s a useful site for finding the most customized solutions in North America.  
  9. 3PL-Total


    3PL-Total has developed the latest solutions in third party logistics, which is where their name comes from. Through an astute understanding of the unique business requirements of 3PLs, they’ve been able to lead the way in storage, warehousing, freight and delivery innovation.  
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Inventory Management, Warehousing & More

Any business dealing in fungible goods needs to have an inventory tracking system in place. Those with a great deal of material on their hands have a larger challenge to ensure that things are stored properly and are accessible when needed. Good inventory management and warehousing software can have serious impact on the bottom line of a business by preventing loss and adding efficiency to the storage and retrieval of products.

  1. Veeqo


    The Veeqo system offers logistics companies solutions to grow their business. Their solutions include software for all parts of the business, including order management, shipping and inventory.

    Socialize: @Veeqo

  2. Megaventory


    Megaventory creates dynamic inventory management by allowing users to send sales quotes, get orders from clients, connect purchase order with suppliers, and much more.

    Socialize: @megaventory

  3. CNJ Logistics Services, LLC

    CNJ Logistics Services, LLC

    CNJ offers integrated warehouse management and transportation management applications in a secured environment. Their software supports their clients logistics technology needs and allows for an easier, more client focused logistics experience.  
  4. Almyta Systems

    Almyta Systems

    The online inventory management system at Almyta Control System has all the function, usability, and benefits for any size business. Furthermore, the system comes with logistics billing and storage fee billing reports.  
  5. ASSIST4 Warehouse Management

    ASSIST4 Warehouse Management

    AEB’s core product – ASSIST4 – is the comprehensive solution suite for all logistics processes in global business. ASSIST4 offers a complete set of business services for end-to-end logistics, including international goods movements, making it possible to standardise and automate business processes in supply chain execution.  
  6. ASC Warehouse Management – ASCTrac WMS

    ASC Warehouse Management - ASCTrac WMS

    ASC has been helping businesses innovate and execute successful supply chain operations for 25 years. They provide critical warehouse distribution and manufacturing software with proven automation processes.  
  7. Banyan Technology

    Banyan Technology

    Banyan creates and maintains direct real time connectivity between shippers and their freight service providers. Their convenient and quality software solutions include warehouse management solutions, supply chain management support, and warehouse and manufacturing software.  
  8. FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics

    FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics

    When it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of logistics, FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics does so, while also allowing customers to be at ease regarding high-value and time-sensitive inventory. This attention to detail is how they’ve been able to place themselves as global leaders.

    Socialize: @FedEx

  9. Information Technology Solutions | Imperial Logistics

    Information Technology Solutions | Imperial Logistics

    Imperial Logistics focuses on providing solutions that enable end-to-end customer service. Their solid IT innovations help their customers with efficient and effective planning and operations.

    Socialize: @IMPERIAL_Logist

  10. inFlow


    inFlow shows off an innovative inventory system that makes it easier to track incoming and outgoing products in real-time. It’s a useful product and hundreds of thousands of small businesses use it.

    Socialize: @inFlowInventory

  11. LogiCore


    LogiCore delivers comprehensive systems and software engineering services, system design and development, information technology solutions, program support services and life cycle logistics services. They work with the Department of Defense, government, and commercial clients in the Continental United States.  
  12. Calloway & Associates, Inc.

    Calloway & Associates, Inc.

    Calloway and Associates focuses on government and private sector clients. Their capable, intelligent team creates software and solutions to support government and commercial businesses.

    Socialize: @CallowayAssocia

  13. Connected Logistics

    Connected Logistics

    Connected Logistics, Inc. specializes in information management and automation logistics support for the Department of Defense and Army Business Mission Areas. They have led logistics IT change across the Army for the past decade.  
  14. Information Technology Services – DSC Logistics

    Information Technology Services - DSC Logistics

    DSC’s systems are integrated and customized to support optimized warehouse and transportation. They use many different techniques and methods to create solutions for supply chains.  
  15. Logistics Information Technologies Inc.

    Logistics Information Technologies Inc.

    LIT is devoted to providing advanced, reliable and affordable logistic information to the commercial and defense industries. They provide reliable research and information to create solutions and intelligence for logistics teams.  
  16. Echo Technology

    Echo Technology

    Echo’s Evolved Transportation Management System gives clients access to Echo’s carrier network, providing solutions across all major transportation modes, including truckload, less than truck load, small parcel, inter-modal, domestic air, expedited services and international air and ocean. ETM allows analysis of transportation requirements and provides customized solutions.  

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