Key Websites on Global Shipping and Freight

An estimated 90% of the world’s goods and products are shipped at some point in their lifecycle. The maritime shipping industry is enormous and is a linchpin of many other industries employing millions of people and enabling other businesses to thrive in the globally interdependent economy. Companies involved with shipping have a lot of power, a lot of responsibility, and a lot of money. Anyone going into the field of logistics needs to pay close attention.

This list of key websites on shipping can’t answer all the questions on shipping, and it isn’t a ranking of the “best” sites on the topic, it is just intended to offer a great range of useful information about any topic that influences anyone in the logistics business, especially those involved in shipping and freight.

Shipping News & Blogs

Shipping news has been published for as long as there have been boats on the ocean, but the internet has transformed it completely, from a daily or weekly paper publication to a constant, highly detailed system for sharing information about shipping companies, cargo regulations, even weather conditions that may affect shippers and their customers. Not only that, but maritime laws have had to change with the times, and increased global communication has influenced how the shipping business works.

  1. World Maritime News


    World Maritime News covers all global issues relating to transporting cargo on the ocean and the various implications of tariffs and trade regulations.

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  2. American Shipper


    American Shipper is one of the best places to get comprehensive updates on developments in the shipping field, regardless of it’s by sea, air, or ground. They post articles and the latest developments in the area.

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  3. Cargo Business News


    Cargo Business News is designed intently for those currently in the industry who are looking to expand the information available to them and more effectively run their company.

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  4. gCaptain


    gCaptain is a blog rich in resources for those involved in maritime cargo transportation and posts are particularly interesting, often framing the latest news events through the lens of a seasoned maritime expert.

    More Logistics Info: Maritime

  5. Maritime Economics & Logistics


    Maritime Economics & Logistics is a quarterly scientific journal that analyzes global supply chains and the implications of how they’re structured. It’s an incredible source for trying to grasp one of the most complex concepts in the world.

    More Logistics Info: Current Issue

  6. Baird Maritime Shipping News


    Baird Maritime Shipping displays an impressive thoroughness concerning maritime news, opinion pieces, and features on the latest developments in the industry.

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  7. One More Pallet Blog


    One More Pallet Blog is an incredibly useful site that breaks down the supply chain into a more transparent manner that is more effective for customers and clients. It helps reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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  8. Erie Shipping News


    Erie Shipping News covers all the latest information relevant to shipping on Lake Erie and the area surrounding it. The posts show different aspects of shipping across the lake and keeps those who work there up to date.

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  9. Shipfax


    Shipfax details ships and shipping from Halifax, Nova Scotia and the international shipments that run through the ports in the area. Posts explain the different ways the Halifax area is integral to the shipping community.

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  10. The Virtual Shipbroker


    The Virtual Shipbroker blogs about shipbroker and chartering information, along with useful insight into salary information and jobs. If you’re involved in international cargo transport, it’s a very useful site to get some of the most up-to-date information in the field.

    More Logistics Info: Shipbroking/Chartering Books

  11. Maritime Executive


    The Maritime Executive is an information packed periodical that covers every aspect of the maritime shipping industry, from piracy to shipbuilding, environmental impact, government regulation, and much more.

    More Logistics Info: Shipping News

  12. Journal of Commerce Port News


    The Journal of Commerce Port News has a large amount of information concerning maritime, ports, rails, trucking, and many more transportation and shipping methods.

    More Logistics Info: Trucking Logistics

  13. Tradewinds


    TradeWinds is a leading news source, since its launch in 1990, and keeps those in the shipping industry updated on the latest developments on the business front.

    More Logistics Info: Tankers

  14. Marine Insight


    Marine Insight has the best information for everything concerning the sea and transporting goods across it. Posts are updated at a very impressive rate and this site is definitely worthwhile.

    More Logistics Info: Marine Navigation

  15. Port Technology


    Port Technology International conveys some of the best information relating to ports around the world. The site also has a variety of papers and journal entries to read through, along with events.

    More Logistics Info: Journal Archive

  16. Maritime Matters Shipping News


    Maritime Matters Shipping News has all information relating to cruise ships and ocean liners across the world.

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  17. Halifax Shipping News


    Halifax Shipping News is a leading information source for Canada and often depicts the most important developments in Canadians Shipping through it’s posts.

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  18. The Cargo Channel


    The Cargo Channel is a television channel complete the latest information regarding cargo transportation between countries on sea bound vessels. The site also has an informative blog and great tips for being more environmentally friendly.

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  19. Shipping and Freight Resource


    Shipping and Freight Resource functions as an intuitive resource for shipping and freight, often posting useful blog entries that detail some of the more convoluted aspects of properly working in the industry.

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  20. Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide


    Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide has all the latest shipping news, commodity information, along with in-depth reports and analysis of all the latest developments in worldwide shipping.

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  21. Daily Press Shipping News Blog


    Daily Press Shipping News Blog is meant for anyone who has an interest in shipping and wants a more concise picture as to what it’s like to work in this rapidly developing field.

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  22. All About Shipping


    As the name implies, All About Shipping focuses on developments concerning shipping around the world and the particular obstacles faced in a variety of situations, such as markets, marine insurance, environment, and more.

    More Logistics Info: Ship Management

  23. ETC International Freight System Blog


    ETC International Freight System Blog highlights some of the best ways to operate as a freight forwarding company and their experience with a variety of products is well documented and includes air and ocean service, commercial shipping, warehousing, and more.

    More Logistics Info: Ocean Service

  24. The Shipwatcher


    The Ship watcher is a blog that has a refined scope on all information related to ships and transport of cargo. Additionally, the site has tools to track ships at sea and watch webcams on board.

    More Logistics Info: Salute Tracker

  25. MEED Ports & Shipping


    MEED Ports & Shipping has the leading perspective on business intelligence in the Middle East. Their section on Ports and Shipping shows how the face of cargo shipping is changing globally, with the area gaining a stronger foothold in transporting goods.

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  26. Maritime Professional


    Maritime Professional is a very informative site that focuses on current events within the maritime industry and is one of the foremost sources on the internet. What makes the digital version so much better is their forums, app, and ability to have the most up-to-date job listings.

    More Logistics Info: Blogs

  27. Ports & Ships


    Ports and Ships focuses content on the costal areas of Africa and provides useful information pertaining to the ports and harbors where some of the most important shipping in the world takes place.

    More Logistics Info: The Shipping World

  28. International Shipping News


    International Shipping News has information from around the world and is updated regularly, often providing some of the most important introspect into shipping issues.

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  29. Shipping News & Views


    Shipping News & Views uses their reach to convey pertinent information relating to maritime, freight, and shipping throughout the world.

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    Maritime Law & Security

    Seafaring piracy might seem like a Walt Disney fantasy to landlubbers, but pirates are real, and dangerous, and the shipping industry spends a great deal of money and effort defending against them.

  31. Maritime Security Review


    Maritime Security Review has the most up-to-date information on security developments concerning ocean vessels and international transporting of cargo. It’s very insightful for those active in the industry to paint a picture of safe routes weather-wise and in terms of piracy.

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  32. Live Piracy Report


    The Live Piracy Report from the International Chamber of Commerce has changed the perception of crimes at sea by giving the latest information on developments concerning hijacking and robberies.

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  33. Oceans Beyond Piracy


    Oceans Beyond Piracy is an NGO that aims to develop and promote long-term solutions for piracy problems not only at sea, but on shore as well. Their work encompasses a variety of fields to combat the problem and they’ve largely been successful.

    More Logistics Info: Commentaries and General News

  34. Neptune Maritime Security


    Neptune Maritime Security ensures that the threat of pirates is taken seriously and employs teams to join shipping crews on cargo ships to ensure safety.

    More Logistics Info: The Piracy Threat

  35. Security Administration for the Maritime Industry


    The Security Association for the Maritime Industry is an impressive organization that highlights the unique ways to combat pirates and ensure the safest passage for cargo and shipping needs.

    More Logistics Info: Directory

  36. International Maritime Security Network, LLC


    The International Maritime Security Network promotes the security measures required to properly manage the open seas and reinforce those crucial values.

    More Logistics Info: Anti-Piracy

  37. The Maritime Security Council


    Established in 1988, the Maritime Security Council is a non-profit organization that represents different ocean carriers, cruise lines, port facilities, terminals and more.

    More Logistics Info: Maritime Security Conferences

  38. Maritime Law Association of the United States


    Maritime Law Association of the United States is a great reference piece for those planning on getting further involved with the legal implications of international cargo shipping.

    More Logistics Info: Members

  39. Maritime Security Outlook


    Maritime Security Outlook uses their blog posts to explain how different developments are possible within maritime security and it helps keep those in the field up-to-date with their vast resources.

    More Logistics Info: Services

  40. Maritime Security International


    Maritime Security International focuses on addressing the unique security problems around the world, particularly around Africa. Their site explains some of the best approaches to handling pirates.

    More Logistics Info: Products & Services

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    Shipping Organizations & Registries

    The global shipping industry is an intricately woven mesh of companies, customers, regulatory agencies, and other participants. International organizations that foster cooperation and shared planning efforts help the whole machine stay on track.

  42. Lloyd’s Register


    Lloyd’s Register, at it’s foremost, is a charity that have a primary mission of advancing the mission of transportation companies through forward-thinking educational and research initiatives.

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  43. International Maritime Organization


    The International Maritime Organization is an agency within the United Nations that specializes in the safety and security of shipping vessels, along with preventing marine pollution imposed by ships. They international renown has helped affirm them as one of the most notable groups concerning sea transportation.

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  44. Cyprus Bureau of Shipping


    The Cyprus Bureau of Shipping (CBS) is a Cyprus based Classification Society, fully authorized by several Flag Administrations. CBS has been active for 25 years, offering high quality ship classification, marine consultancy and onshore industrial services in Cyprus as well as internationally. Traditional classification services are offered by qualified and experienced surveyors through CBS Head Office and CBS exclusive offices.

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  45. Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry


    The Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry is the second largest registry in the world, representing over 3750 ships, a representation of 11 percent of the worlds ocean fleet. The registry has become more established off of the notoriety for high quality service.

    More Logistics Info: Seafarer’s Services

  46. International Association of Ports & Harbors


    The International Association of Ports and Harbors aims to unite regions around the world to promote the interest of ports worldwide and advocate for more sustainable practices. They have yearly conferences that act as a forum for collaborating within the industry.

    More Logistics Info: News

  47. Australian Shipowners Association


    The Australian Ship-owners Association frames the unique obstacles faced by those who own or operate international trading ships, among other maritime vessels.

    More Logistics Info: Environment and Safety

  48. UK Chamber of Shipping


    The UK Chamber of Shipping works internationally to provide a voice for the shipping industry of the United Kingdom. Content on the site consists of a wealth of information regarding some of the most important developments concerning shipping.

    More Logistics Info: Our People

  49. The Association of Certified Marine Surveyors


    The Association of Certified Marine Surveyors works with companies in 20 countries to serve them with the most comprehensive tools for managing nautical surveying. Regarded for their impressive amount of expertise, the organization has only become further established in recent years.

    More Logistics Info: Find A Surveyor

  50. Canadian Shipowners Association


    Canadian Ship-owners Association is a group of owners working to improve the working circumstances for those on ships transporting cargo.

    More Logistics Info: Short Sea Shipping Vision

  51. International Institute of Marine Surveying


    The International Institute of Marine Surveying has some of the leading information relating to surveying and the unique obstacles faced when doing this work internationally.

    More Logistics Info: Working Groups

  52. Caribbean Shipping Association


    Caribbean Shipping Association makes sure to give a vibrant voice to those who work in shipping throughout the Caribbean. Through a journal published periodically, they are able to serve their community better.

    More Logistics Info: Caribbean Maritime Issue 19 May-Sept 2013

  53. Panama Ship Register


    The highly regarded Panama Maritime Authority has an impressive amount of information concerning ship registries, as they’re #1 in the world for their database. They support the maritime community through comprehensive tools and information at many levels.

    More Logistics Info: Navigation & Marine Safety

  54. International Association of Classification Societies LTD


    The International Association of Classification Societies works to ensure ships safely make passage across the ocean and has a very particular spot in assisting with maritime safety and regulation.

    More Logistics Info: Publication

  55. Cyprus Shipping Council


    Cyprus Shipping Council is run by the Cyprus Shipping Chamber and stresses the importance of this island in the Mediterranean and the unique position it has when it comes to shipping.

    More Logistics Info: Career in Shipping

  56. National Cargo Bureau


    The National Cargo Bureau is one of the most well known organizations when it comes to succinctly detailing cargo processes across the United States. With offices stationed all around the country. It’s one of the most important places to come to get information.;

    More Logistics Info: Train

  57. Pacific Maritime Association


    The Pacific Maritime Association has a primary missions of negotiating labor agreements between the International Long shore and the Warehouse Union. Their efforts have long promoted furthered work between the unions and employers.

    More Logistics Info: Newsroom

  58. Hong Kong Shipowners Association


    The Hong Kong Ship-owners Association has large amounts of information as to what it’s like to be a ship-owner in a city that is associated with some of the largest amounts of trade in the world. The page gives a rundown of useful information and has a great Members Directory.

    More Logistics Info: News & Events

  59. World Shipping Council


    The World Shipping Council provides guidance and acts as a mediator in different situations relating to trade and shipping.

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  60. International Chamber of Shipping


    The International Chamber of Shipping is a great place to come and check out the latest information concerning shipping around the world and get a more realistic picture of some of the obstacles shippers face each day.

    More Logistics Info: Key Issues

  61. Intercargo


    Intercargo highlights the particular intricacies of cargo shipping and the best ways to deal with things such as casualties, environmental legislation, air emissions, and more.

    More Logistics Info: Shipping News

  62. National Association of Marine Surveyors


    The National Association of Marine Surveyors was established in 1962 and works to serve those in Hull and Machinery, Yachts and Small Crafts, and Cargo.

    More Logistics Info: NAMS eNews

  63. World Trade Organization


    World Trade Organization is a multi-faceted group, often setting standards for trade agreements, settle trade disputes, and many other elements concerning trading in the 21st century.

    More Logistics Info: WTO Trade Topics

  64. International Association of Maritime Economists


    Founded in the early 1990’s, the International Association of Maritime Economists is comprised of over 500 individuals from many different continents and it’s useful for many different companies. They help many different public organizations, including the United Nations.

    More Logistics Info: News & Events

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    Spend Management & Insurance

    When a shipping company is moving thousands of tons of merchandise for hundreds of different customers across vast swaths of ocean, it can be difficult to estimate the costs, stay within time restrictions, and generally meet planned goals. Spend management companies work to ensure that shipping costs for any given project don’t spiral out of control, and insurers are there to cushion the blow of losses due to unforeseen circumstances.



    NASSTRAC is an acronym for the National Shippers Strategic Transportation Council and they’ve been working since 1952 to provide education, advocacy, provider relations opportunities, and more. By having an intent focus on transportation, they can utilize tools with higher specificity to clients.

    More Logistics Info: Industry News

  67. Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals


    The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals emphasizes different approaches to the rapidly evolving landscape of supply chains. Through conferences and thorough research, they’re able to provide some of the most crucial perspectives in the industry.

    More Logistics Info: Educational Events

  68. Transport Intelligence


    Transport Intelligence has the market expertise to make the most informed consulting decisions for many different companies. As experts in logistics and transporting goods, they have some of the most impressive insight on issues.

    More Logistics Info: Market Reports

  69. ThinkLink


    ThinkLink is one of the premier sites for the latest in supply chain services. From detailed logistics engineering to supply chain optimization, they have extensive tools for improving supply chain networks.

    More Logistics Info: Engagement Models

  70. ProcurePort


    ProcurePort works to provide the leading Cloud Hosted e-Procurement Solutions and Sourcing Services. Their capabilities are hard to beat, often using innovative approaches such as Spend Analysis, eSourcing Software, and Reverse Auction Software to differentiate themselves from the competition.

    More Logistics Info: Spend Analysis Management

  71. Cargo Cover


    Cargo Cover has been established for over 10 years and leads the way in cargo and freight insurance for companies looking to safeguard their goods as they travel large distances.

    More Logistics Info: Benefits

  72. DSI Freight Shipping


    DSI Freight Shipping works to save companies the most money when it comes to freight shipping internationally, regardless of transportation method.

    More Logistics Info: 3PL

  73. TNL Global


    TNL Global delivers consulting backed by some of the best contemporary technologies, often equipping them on how to go about making their business operations more efficient.

    More Logistics Info: Analytics

  74. Express Delivery & Logistics Association


    Express Delivery & Logistics Association promotes their site as a leading advocate for companies that have focuses on providing air express mail globally and also logistics.

    More Logistics Info: Services

  75. Victoria Transport Policy Institute


    Victoria Transport Policy Institute does independent research aimed chiefly at developing useful initiatives and solutions for transportation problems. The site is loaded with free resources that are worthwhile to look into.

    More Logistics Info: TDM Encyclopedia

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    General Shipping Info

    The global shipping industry is huge and complex, but anyone working in logistics needs to know about it, and anyone working directly with shippers needs intricate knowledge of it. These sites can’t possibly provide all the necessary information, but they’re a great place to start, and some of the most regularly updated sites are great for staying on the cutting edge of this growing and changing industry.

  77. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration


    The U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration has the latest information on developments from a legislative perspective pertaining to maritime cargo transport.

    More Logistics Info: Mariners

  78. Distribution Publications


    Distribution Publications is a company that works with Ocean Carriers and other Marine Terminal Operators to equip them with convenient methods for ensuring public tariffs remain in line with the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission.

    More Logistics Info: Types of Licenses

  79. Equasis


    Equasis centers their work on promoting higher quality and safety in marine transport by working rigorously to improve standards, often working with the government of the United Kingdom and the European Commission.

    More Logistics Info: Participation

  80. World Freight Rates


    World Freight Rates outlines the best ways to transport goods domestically and/or internationally. They detail useful industry lists and port navigation tools to make the user the most informed when preparing to ship something.

    More Logistics Info: Freight

  81. The Geography of Transport Systems


    The Geography of Transport Systems outlines all the most common routes and transportation methods internationally for moving cargo and how to use modern implementations of technology to further improve those routes.

    More Logistics Info: Chapter 1 – Transportation and Geography

  82. Maritime Consultants Australia


    Maritime Consultants Australia is an informative site that explains many elements of international cargo transportation, particularly in the South Pacific. Their innovative material concerning marine engineering as well as maritime investigations.

    More Logistics Info: Marine Surveying Division

  83. WK Webster


    WK Webster has 4 global hubs for implementing the most effective cargo transportation throughout the world. Their commitment to the highest quality logistical services makes them unparalleled.

    More Logistics Info: Cargo Agency Network

  84. Deeper with Brad Skelton


    Deeper with Brad Skelton details business growth strategies in effective new ways through overseas infrastructure development and unique offshoring business growth strategies.

    More Logistics Info: 3D Printing Technology – Total Game Changer for Many Businesses and Logistics Providers

  85. National Motor Freight Traffic Association


    The National Motor Freight Traffic Association works with a number of organizations throughout the country to set standards regarding transportation of cargo. Companies include those who operate interstate, intrastate, and with foreign commerce.

    More Logistics Info: Our Mission

  86. Freight Calculator


    Freight Calculator is an intuitive device for quickly and efficiently calculating shipping costs for items such as ocean containers, LCL ocean consolidations, shipping cars, and more. If you’re trying to get a grasp on what it costs to move items internationally, it’s a very useful way to do so.

    More Logistics Info: Ocean Full Container Rates

  87. Bureau of Transportation Freight Data and Statistics


    The Bureau of Transportation Statistics has the most pertinent information on global transportation networks, keeping North America and the United States as the primary scope.

    More Logistics Info: America’s Container Ports: Linking Markets at Home and Abroad January 2011

  88. Logistics Portal


    Logistics Portal is a social network designed to function as an informative source and it shares the latest industry developments.

    More Logistics Info: Freight and Logistics Board

  89. Vessel Tracker


    Vessel Tracker is the complete source for tracking and viewing different vessels, ports, and harbors around the world.

    More Logistics Info: Ports

  90. Federal Maritime Commission


    The Federal Maritime Commission is the regulatory branch of the United States’ international ocean transportation. They work to improve relations between exporters, importers, and the American consumer.

    More Logistics Info: Bureaus and Offices

  91. Euro Maritime


    EuroMaritime has all the information relating to shipping throughout Europe, along with building ships, tools, and a great shipping directory.

    More Logistics Info: Equipment

  92. World Class Shipping – Ocean Ports of the United States


    World Class Shipping has a great page on the Ocean Ports of the United States and it’s a great tool to understand the different options available to those shipping internationally and wondering where the cheapest and/or most effective route to take might be.

    More Logistics Info: Projects

  93. Maritime Resource Centre


    The Maritime Resource Centre is based in Singapore and has tons of information on how to prevent losses, arbitration, risk management, and many more things useful to know.

    More Logistics Info: Services

  94. Teoman ONAL : Marine & Cargo Surveyor


    Teoman ONAL: Marine & Cargo Surveyor has all the latest information on what it’s like to be a functioning company handling many different types of marine and cargo surveying.

    More Logistics Info: Inspection Photos

  95. Stetler Marine Surveys


    Stetler Marine Surveys is run by some of the most accredited marine surveyors in Southern Florida. Their expertise has provided an impressive amount of renown in the area and has useful information regarding surveying in general.

    More Logistics Info: Types of Surveys



    ASIAPAC is the official organization of an international organization of Marine Surveyors and Consultants. Their bureau is based in Malaysia and has wide-ranging information on cargo transport.

    More Logistics Info: General Cargo

  97. Latitude Marine Inc.


    Latitude Marine Inc. is a team of accredited marine surveyors based in Fort Lauderdale, helping others with many different services including marine insurance surveys, pre-purchase surveys, loss prevention, and much more.

    More Logistics Info: Why Have a Survey

  98. Cargo Tools


    Cargo Tools, as the name implies, is a site to check out to view and use different tools for tracking, scheduling, and any aspect of transporting cargo globally.

    More Logistics Info: Very Useful Tools

  99. Container Quote


    Container Quote is a shipping company that works to provide the most competitive international cargo shipping rates possible. Through intuitive tools and extensive logistics, they’ve long led the way in this industry.

    More Logistics Info: Agency/Partnership

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