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Logistics is the beating heart of many industries that rely on supplies that are created in one location and used or sold in another. The globally intertwined economy necessitates that products be sourced cheaply wherever they are available and moved by land, sea, or air to the place where they can be used most profitably. A huge network of cargo companies, freight forwarders, security and tracking operations, warehouse managers, truck drivers, and dozens of other players have to work together on a tightly coordinated schedule to keep businesses of all sizes running.

These blogs and websites represent some of the best companies and individuals working in the logistics industry today, and reading up on current logistics practices and coming trends is a must for anyone who wants to enter and thrive in this competitive field.

Logistics Overview

Some of these sites are kept by companies who provide logistics services, and others are purely information sources covering industry news and other points of interest for those whose livelihoods depend on logistics.

  1. Blogs in Logistics

    Blogs in Logistics

    Blogs in Logistics is a social networking site especially for the logistics industry. With links to Facebook, Twitter, job boards, forums, and outside blog links, they connect people both to possible jobs, to logistics and company information, and to others in the industry.

    More Info: Blogs in Logistics

  2. DataNow Global

    DataNow Global by Dimension Data

    DataNow Global is a website that focuses on the technology and best business practices in the logistics industry. The data they collect is throughout the global logistics trade and helps clients to understand the affects of technology in their industry.

    More Info: Right on tech

  3. SOLE – The International Society of Logistics

    SOLE the international society of logistics

    Logistics Spectrum is the magazine produced by the International Society of Logistics. Producing “theme” editions quarterly, it is filled with articles written by industry leaders in their chosen field including commercial, data, efficiency, technology, green sustainability, and more.

    More Info: About SOLE

  4. The Logistics of Logistics

    The Logistics of Logistics

    Logistics of Logistics is a blog that simplifies the logistics process, demystifying any technical terms or overused acronyms. People curious about the complete logistics industry can benefit from the knowledge and experience of this blog.

    More Info: Logistics Explained

  5. Inbound Logistics

    InBound Logistics

    Inbound Logistics is a leading magazine in the logistics field. By concentrating on important news, supply chain processes and innovations, and other industry changes, they have made themselves a standard in news and resources in logistics.

    More Info: Help on the Way

  6. Global Logistics Media

    Global Logistics Media

    Global Logistics Media is a news source for global logistics happenings. With news, case studies jobs and product listings from the USA, India, Asia, Australia, and the United Kingdom, they are a reliable and integral part of a logistics business.

    More Info: About Global Logistics Media

  7. Logistics Management

    Logistics Management

    Logistics Management provides both monthly and annual printed reports for logistics companies and professionals. With news about technology, equipment, and trends, it reaches the largest number of industry professionals for a magazine of its kind.

    More Info: About Logistics Management

  8. Supply Chain and Logistics Blog

    My Maritile Blog Supply Chain and Logistics Blog

    The Supply Chain and Logistics Blog is maintained by a professor of operations research and supply chain management. Linking to news and resources for modern logistics and supply chain management operators, the blog serves as a central point for any new and interesting logistics news.

    More Info: About Supply Chain and Logistics Blog

  9. Telstar Logistics

    Telstar Logistics Land Air Sea Space

    Telstar Logistics is a brand that an individual created to explore urban locations, military bases, and other extreme locations. While not practical for true logistics purposes, it does offer an interesting insight into the landscape of urban exploring.

    More Info: What is Telstar Logistics?

  10. EU Logistics Hub Blog

    EU Logistics Hub

    The European Logistics hub blog is a central news source for all logistics news in Europe. Major acquisitions, mergers, takeovers, jobs, technology, investments, and green news are all reported on, making it a crucial information source for any European logistics company.

    More Info: US Company ModusLink comes to Venray

  11. Kinaxis Supply Chain Community

    Supply Chain Expert Community Kinaxis

    Kinaxis Supply Chain Community is a members-only site for logistics professional. Offering training and news, as well as a section of humorous anecdotes, it emphasizes connecting with and sharing information with other members of the logistics community.

    More Info: New Content

  12. XPO Logistics

    XPO Logistics

    XPO Logistics doesn’t own any of its own trucks, ships, or planes, but does have a large network of reliable contacts throughout the logistics industry. Their innovative and solution-oriented attitude, as well as a business that is not asset based but relationally driven, allows them to create excellent results for their customers.

    More Info: Our Company

  13. Aspen Logistics

    Aspen Logistics

    Aspen Logistics is a competitive logistics firm that specializes in transportation, warehousing, and value-added services. As a smaller business, they are able to have a business model that is truly focused on quality service and customer care.

    More Info: About Aspen

  14. Warehousing, Education & Resource Council

    Warehousing Education and REsource Council

    The Warehousing, Education & Resource Council is a members only site that provides information, research, and education for those in warehousing and distribution. Members enjoy conferences, seminars, and other opportunities for training and advancement.

    More Info: About WERC

  15. Reverse Logistics Association

    Reverse Logistics Association

    Reverse Logistics Associations is focused on educating the industry about the complicated processes of reverse logistics, since most businesses have some relationship with them. Helping customers navigate the practices and news of recycling, IT, customer service, spare parts management, and returns, their website connects members to job postings, relevant publications and other resources.

    More Info: Company Mission

  16. Reverse Logistics Group

    Reverse Logistics Group

    RLG is a reverse logistics specialist in Europe. Offering solutions for recycling, disposal, and end-to-end design options, they can help customers manage any take-back part of their business.

    More Info: About RLG

  17. The Voyager

    The voyager logility

    The Voyager is an informative blog about the state of third-party logistics industry. From news to new innovations to award-winning and distinctive groups within the industry, Voyager blog follows the current trends and beat of logistics.

    More Info: Supply Chain Congratulations Are in Order!

  18. Food Logistics Magazine

    Food Logistics

    A listing of news, articles, and career listings, Food Logistics Magazine is a top source of information and solutions for the food and beverage supply chain industry. Fully dedicated to the food service industry, it is a invaluable resource to anyone within the food logistics business.

    More Info: About Food Logistics Magazine

  19. Lean Logistics

    Lean Logistics

    Lean Logistics is committed to streamlining business and providing value and cost effective services for customers, while still ensuring quality logistic solutions. Their network of transportation ensures both cost savings as well as excellent customer service and transportation solutions.

    More Info: About Lean Logistics

  20. Logistics Viewpoints

    Logistics Viewpoints

    Logistics Viewpoints values continued education for logistics leaders through podcasts, blog posts and articles, and even open discussions with logistics professionals through forums and Twitter. Their mission is to continue growing the logistics industry through educated professionals by way of speaking events, articles, and other tools.

    More Info: About Logistics Viewpoints

  21. VR Transpoint

    VR Transpoint

    VR Transport is a goods carrier working throughout Finland Russia. They provide both ground and rail logistics services for a wide range of industrial and commercial customers.

    More Info: FTL Logistics

  22. Sunoco Logistics

    Sunoco Logistics

    Sunoco’s business is acquiring pipeline for crude oil distribution. Their main priorities, then, are acquiring, distributing, and marketing crude oil and the products surrounding it.

    More Info: About Sunoco

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Third Party Logistics (3PL)

A lot of companies don’t have the infrastructure or staff to take care of their own shipping and handling, and they need to hire companies to do it for them. Third party logistics, often abbreviated 3PL, companies take care of everything from shipping to cold storage and inventory loss protection for companies that don’t want to do those things in-house.

  1. Kane is Able CPG Logistics Blog

    Kane is Able

    With a clever name, this solution oriented business serves large and respected customers including PepsiCo, Wal-Mart, and others. With warehousing and 3PL services, as well as a blog that details new and interesting logistics trend, Kane is Able is a well-rounded, reliable logistics resource.

    More Info: About Kane is Able

  2. Cloverleaf Cold Storage

    Cloverleaf Cold Storage

    Cloverleaf Cold Storage focuses on food storage and warehousing for farmers, pet food supply customers, and other clients. With a rigorous commitment to sanitation, a state-of-the art warehouse, and focus on client needs, they are constantly trying to set themselves apart from other food storage warehousing.

    More Info: CCS Warehouse Services

  3. AmeriCold Logistics

    Americold Customer First

    AmeriCold has 182 temperature controlled warehouses all over the globe. Understanding that food storage is an integral part of the supply chain process, they are a leader in both storage space in transportation for the food industry.

    More Info: About AmeriCold Logistics

  4. The Lean Logistics Blog

    The Lean Logistics Blog

    At the Lean Logistics Blog, you can find a unique blend of training and consulting as well as news about best practices and industry goings-on all reported from managers and logistics leaders. With these services, industry employees are able to find information that allows them to do their job better and more effectively.

    More Info: About LeanCor

  5. 3PLWire Blog

    3pl wire

    The 3PL Wire Blog offers news and insight into the world of 3PL logistics. With outbound news links, news articles written by industry professionals, job postings, and a list of industry looks, they are a good source for specialized information in the industry.

    More Info: About 3PL Wire Blog

  6. Cerasis


    Cerasis values efficiency and successful relationships. They are a solution-oriented logistics team that values relationships between their clients, carriers, and other businesses – these relationships make their solid business practices possible.

    More Info: The Cerasis Mission

  7. England Logistics

    England Logistics

    England Logistics manages a number of transportation services. With the willingness and resources to handle small shipments or full truckloads and containers, England Logistics is a competitive player in the global logistics marketplace.

    More Info: Our Company

  8. MIQ Logistics

    MIQ Logistics

    MIQ Logistics is an international company offering supply chain management, customs brokerage, global trade management and other services. Their website has great articles on every aspect of supply chain management and logistics for anyone who cares to read up on the topic.

    More Info: Supply Chain Resources

  9. LeSaint Logistics


    LeSaint makes it their priority to know each business develop a logistics plan that is the most cost effective and efficient for their customers. With key logistics alliances, they are able to create custom plans that work for each client.

    More Info: About LeSaint Logistics

  10. CTSI-Global


    CTSI-Global can manage all inbound and outbound transportation and logistics services, as well as invoicing and warehousing services, providing a simpler experience for each client. With over fifty years of experience and access to cutting-edge technology, CTSI-Global has not gone unnoticed in the logistics industry.

    More Info: About CTSI-Global

  11. Evans Distribution Systems

    Evans Distribution Systems

    Evans Distribution is a Detroit-based full service third-party logistics business. They offer services ranging from warehousing and transportation to packaging and inspection to streamline any customer project.

    More Info: About Evans Distribution

  12. Jacobson Companies

    Jacobson companies

    Jacobson provides a full list of logistics solutions for supply chains industries, including retail, healthcare, life sciences, and automotive industries. With staffing services, brokerage, freight forwarding and management, consolidating, and many other solutions and services available, clients always have options through Jacobson.

    More Info: Why Jacobson?

  13. OOCL Logistics

    OOCL Logistics

    OOCL works on behalf of customers large and small to ensure the quality transportation management of goods for its clients. Whether it’s ground or ocean transport, warehousing, or customs, OOCL has a dedicated team that works for each client.

    More Info: About OOCL Logistics

  14. UTi Worldwide

    UTi Worldwide

    UTi manages logistics solutions, including ocean and air freight and brokerage, in over 50 countries, but they still consider their ultimate priority customer service. Their efficiency and innovation stems from their hundreds of logistics centers and offices all over the world.

    More Info: About UTi

  15. Wheels Group

    Wheels Group

    Wheels Group is a supply chain solutions group that is part of an advanced network of truck, air, ocean, and rail carriers. With so many options and relationships, they are always able to offer valuable answers and outcomes for their clients.

    More Info: About Wheels Group

  16. Penske Logistics

    Penske Logistics

    Penske Logistics is a well known, solution oriented business, dedicated to getting customers to where they need to be. With both commercial and consumer truck rental as well as supply chain management solutions and full service distributions services, they have made a name for themselves as a transportation leader.

    More Info: Why Penske

  17. Access America Transport

    Access America Transport

    Access America efficiently handles and coordinates any level of ground or rail transport. They also offer their clients convenient warehousing and green distributions and transport solutions.

    More Info: About Access America Transport

  18. 2013 Third-Party Logistics Study

    2013 Third Party Logistics Study

    This 17-year-long study represents the state of the third-party logistics industry. With research from specialized parts from all over the industry, this study is an important reference for logistics professionals interested in progress and innovation.

    More Info: About the Study

  19. Choice Logistics

    Choice Logistics

    Choice Logistics values its customer relations and reputation in the industry, and expresses this through committing to customized third-party logistics solutions for each client. By hiring leaders in the field, they set high expectations for their business and are able to consistently meet them through their innovative practices.

    More Info: About Choice Logistics

  20. Regal Logistics

    REgal Logistics

    Regal Logistics is a full service logistics firm with a proven track record among their customers. With transportation, brokerage, and consulting services, they are able to consistently meet their clients’ needs and solve any challenges that may arise.

    More Info: About Regal

  21. GENCO


    GENCO is a distinguished third-party logistics company with a loyal client base. Constantly innovating and improving their services and delivery methods through technology and execution, they are able to consistently deliver for their customers.

    More Info: About GENCO

  22. Damco USA


    Damco is an efficient and sustainable freight forwarder and supply chain management company. For over 100 years and have been proving global support and technology in the logistics industry.

    More Info: About Damco

  23. Weber Logistics

    WEber Logistics

    Weber Logistics is a third-party logistics company servicing the western United States. As California is central to many ocean port locations, the distribution and receiving locations that Weber has throughout the western states make it an important part of the import and export industry in the United States.

    More Info: Port Services

  24. Dependable Distribution Centers

    Dependable Distribution Centers

    Dependable Distribution Centers offers all third-party logistics services to Hawaii and Guam, including shipping, warehousing, consulting, and international freight forwarding. To preserve the reputation they’ve earned, they only work with quality businesses to continue to deliver quality results to their customers.

    More Info: About Dependable Distribution Centers

  25. C.H. Robinson

    CH Robinson

    C.H. Robinson is one of the largest third-party logistics companies in the world. They have a reputation as a performance driven, industry-leading company.

    More Info: About C.H. Robinson

  26. Flash Global Logistics

    Flash Global Logistics

    Flash Global Logistics is a leader in aftermarket third-party logistics, including after sales logistics and tracking of critical parts. Their real-time software gives customers peace of mind and allows for the constant flow of accurate information.

    More Info: About Flash Global

  27. SEKO Logistics

    Seko Logistics

    SEKO Logistics has grown into 40 countries over the last 40 years. Their IT solutions and management model allow for creative, flexible, and reliable third-party logistics ideas for their customers.

    More Info: Company Overview

  28. Bender Group

    Bender Group

    Bender Group is a third-party logistics firm that offers warehousing and distribution services, transportation options, and a complete list of international services. Their complete business model allows their customers to come to Bender for all of their needs, establishing a relationship and ensuring quality results for all requirements.

    More Info: Bender Group Logistics

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Air Transport & Freight

Getting big shipments of anything overseas could be prohibitively expensive for smaller companies if there weren’t air and freight logistics companies using economies of scale to drive down the per-unit price of shipping by combining many small orders and packing and routing them efficiently.

  1. Air Transport World

    Air Transport World

    Air Transport World is a monthly magazine that serves as a resource for anyone in the logistics industry. They provide the latest information for all airline topics including safety, alliances, distribution, and more.

    More Info: About Air Transport World

  2. Neon Freight

    Neon Freight

    Neon Freight is a freight forwarding company that helps businesses and individuals move large volumes of product by land, air, or sea. The company prides itself on a strong social media presence and commitment to smooth communication throughout its business relationship with each client.

    More Info: About Neon Freight

  3. Dedola Global Logistics Blog

    Dedola Global Logistics

    Dedola is a family-owned freight management company that works with customers around the globe. They are a customer-driven group with worldwide coverage.

    More Info: About Dedola Global Logistics

  4. Chibyke Global Systems Limited Blog

    Chibyke Global Systems

    Chibyke Global Systems offers a range of options for shipping, handling, and forwarding cargo out of Nigeria. Their website is full of up-to-date information about how to improve shipping business, as well as a live chat option.

    More Info: Are Services Offered by Nigerian Freight Companies Reliable?

  5. CEVA Logistics

    CEVA Logistics

    CEVA Logistics is a customer-centric organization that provides logistics solutions based on their client’s needs. They have expertise in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, retail, publishing, energy, and healthcare.

    More Info: About CEVA Logistics

  6. Expeditors International of Washington, Inc.


    Expeditors International is a Fortune 500 logistics firm that has well-established relationships with air and ocean suppliers, ensuring that they are always able to provide service for their customers. They have regional locations in London, Sao Paulo, Beirut and Shanghai, so that they are always where their customers need them to be.

    More Info: About Expeditors International

  7. a. hartrodt

    a hartrodt

    a. hartrodt is a medium sized, privately owned logistics company. It prides itself on being small enough to still work closely with its customers, but large enough to still perform well on a global scale, ensuring reliability and quality.

    More Info: About a. hartrodt

  8. Geodis Wilson

    Geodis Wilson

    Geodis Wilson is one of the world’s largest freight management companies, specializing in several large markets, including pharmaceuticals and marine logistics. Their expertise and e-services help streamline all parts of the logistics process for the clients.

    More Info: About Geodis Wilson

  9. Transporteca


    Transporteca works with companies book their ocean freight logistics directly online. Their site is straightforward, secure, and promises fast, easy, and affordable quotes.

    More Info: How does it work?

  10. UK Freight Logistics Forwarding Shipping News

    UK Freight Logistics

    This blog is kept by a RSJ Freight Forwarding, an international logistics company. The blog covers business opportunities and other industry news for freight forwarders.

    More Info: OCEANTEX Exhibition – Mumbai, India

  11. Freight Dawg

    Freight Dawg

    Freight Dawg is a logistics blog run by Eric Joiner who has worked in the logistics industry for over 30 years. His years working for logistics companies and freight forwarding groups allow him to provide research and insight into the logistics industry.

    More Info: Best of Freight Dawg

  12. Shipping and Freight Resource

    SHipping and freight resource johannesburg

    Shipping and Freight Resources is a free blog run by Hariesh Manaadiar. It offers practical information about the common freight, shipping, and forwarding practices for anyone looking for any reference materials for the world of logistics.

    More Info: About this blog

  13. Freight Center

    Freight Center com

    Freight Centric is a blog that shares its experience in the industry. Their writers research every area of logistics and post about their favorite companies across the industry including trucking companies, motorcycle shipping, and rail freight.

    More Info: Freightcenter.com Cares

  14. American Society of Transportation & Logistics

    American Society of Transportation and logistics

    American Society of Transportation and Logistics is a large organization of logistics professionals. They offer certification and development opportunities for those working in the field of logistics, and their members often are able to advance their careers in supply chain management and transportation.

    More Info: About American Society of Transportation & Logistics

  15. HYC Logistics, Inc.

    HYC Logistics inc

    HYC Logistics is a full-service global logistics firm in the mid-south, offering import, export, air freight, ocean freight, insurance, bonds, and customs brokerage. Their ability to handle most services and processes in-house from start to finish, including warehousing, customs, duty drawback, and other special services, makes every freight project easier for every client.

    More Info: HYC Services

  16. Schumacher Cargo Logistics

    Schumacher cargo logistics

    Schumacher Cargo are experts and shippers. From classic cars, yachts, boats, or household goods for a global move, Schumacher has over thirty years of experience helping people move.

    More Info: About Schumacher Cargo

  17. Transportation Intelligence

    Transport Intelligence

    Transportation Intelligence is a leader in logistics intelligence, offering access to the current market reports in logistics. Here, logistics companies can find economic indicators about the industry, as well as any logistics news and research.

    More Info: About Transportation Intelligence

  18. Universal Cargo Management

    Universal Cargo Management

    Based out of Los Angeles, UCM specializes on imports from Asia to the United States, through both air and ocean freight. Their specialized field allows them to offer competitive rates and excellent customer service.

    More Info: About UCM

  19. Blue Grace – Logistics Beat

    Blue Grace Logistics

    Blue Grace third-party logistics offers a full line of logistics options throughout North America. They have a sound customer-focused strategy that is rooted mostly in an array of social media platform, keeping customers informed of new technologies and news.

    More Info: About Blue Grace

  20. Logistics Portal

    Logistics Portal Org

    The Logistics Portal is a free member’s forum, networking logistics professionals to the latest news and information. It also allows members access to current weather, job postings, and carrier schedules, including airlines and ocean carriers.

    More Info: Logistics Portal Resources

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Supply Chain Management

A company’s supply chain is the end-to-end system the business uses to source raw materials, convert them into needed products, and deliver them to customers. The supply chains for companies in different industries may be completely different, but making sure every component of the system is working efficiently to meet orders on time is a universal need among businesses. The organizational resources and talent for managing complex supply chains is in high demand, and companies specializing in supply chain management can make good money at it.

  1. The Global Supply Chain Council

    Chain com the global supply chain council

    The Council considers its mission to be providing an important link between the supply chain and logistics professionals and the ever-changing logistics industry. Membership allows professionals to receive training and sponsorship from other industry leaders, as well as training in new logistics technologies.

    More Info: About the Council

  2. Who said supply chains are boring?

    Who Said Supply Chains are Boring

    This blog helps the average consumer understand their role in the supply chain. Whether its waste, technology, food growth, or history, the writers post interesting and relevant real life facts about logistics for people who aren’t in the industry.

    More Info: The Role of Technology Within Supply Chains

  3. World Food Programme Logistics Blog

    World Food Programme Logistics Blog

    WFP is a hunger relief program that is part of the United Nations. They operate an average of 60 airplanes, 40 ships, and 5,000 trucks daily to manage the daily logistics of supplying food and supplies to hundreds of countries worldwide.

    More Info: WFP Logistics

  4. Supply Chain Matters

    Supply Chain Matters

    Supply Chain Matters is maintained by Bob Ferrari, a former logistics insider and professional. With research and experience, his blog provides insight into the management of supply chains on a global scale.

    More Info: About Supply Chain Matters

  5. Supply Chain Shaman

    Supply Chain Shaman

    Supply Chain Shaman is written by a logistics industry expert with over forty years of experience. Focusing primarily on educating supply chain managers by providing analysis of the current trends on safety, technology, and other issues, she writes to help business people become better at their business.

    More Info: Audit Safe?

  6. Supply Chain Brain

    Supply Chain Brain

    Supply Chain Brain is a forum and article database, housing information, news, and resources for supply chain managers. With comprehensive lists of suppliers, jobs, whitepapers, research on dozens of topics, as well as videos, it is an excellent resource for industry members.

    More Info: About Supply Chain Brain

  7. Supply Chain Network

    Supply Chain Network

    Supply Chain Network is a system of logistics writers researching on different logistics topics. There are areas for careers, trend analysis, materials handling, and other categories, allowing writers to bring industry workers information and news from the very general to the very specific.

    More Info: About Supply Chain Network

  8. Supply Chain

    Supply Chain com

    The website for Supply Chain is dedicated to all supply chain related news. Anything that affects any level of the supply chain can end up here – retail information, distribution, labeling, even employee relations – making it an interesting place for pieces of news or advice.

    More Info: Working Dogs

  9. Lean Supply Chain

    Lean Supply Chain

    Lean Supply Chain is a blog about manufacturing and other lean supply topics. The other keeps the blog open to discussion, links to other relevant logistics information, and often highlights his posts with videos, making it informational as well as interesting to watch.

    More Info: A Type B Pull System

  10. Supply Chain Asia

    Supply Chain Asia

    Supply Chain Asia is an Asia-focused supply chain and logistics management corporation headquartered in Singapore. Their website offers extensive online training and member access to articles, as well as steady and reliable industry news.

    More Info: About SCA

  11. Digital Supply Chain

    Digital Supply Chain

    Supply Chain Digital works to deliver news to the logistics industry about the sourcing, packaging, and shipping. As part of a larger media group, they have access to a large audience and are able to deliver content across mediums such as newsletters and an iPad app.

    More Info: About Digital Supply Chain

  12. Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council

    Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council

    As the supply chain is a large section of the Canadian economy, The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council works with those involved in the supply chain industry, specifically employers and government officers, to address HR challenges. The CSCSC works to address these challenges with job postings, retention toolkits for businesses, and other resources.

    More Info: About CSCSC

  13. Institute for Supply Management

    Institute for Supply Management

    Institute for Supply Management is the first institute of its kind, leading and serving supply chain professionals through education and research. Their standards of excellence and education help logistics professionals stay ahead in their field.

    More Info: About Institute for Supply Management

  14. Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

    Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

    The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals is a global association of logistics and supply chain professionals sharing their knowledge and research in their field. The members of the council are leaders and authorities in the field and provide guidance for the area of logistics.

    More Info: We Are CSCMP

  15. Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia

    Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia

    Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia focuses on the improvement and innovation within supply chain management. Their priorities are certifying and training managers to create better work places and overall logistics communities.

    More Info: SCC Training

  16. SCM Talent Group

    SCM Talent Group

    SCM Talent focuses on recruiting excellent talent for the logistics and supply chain field. With resources for both the job seeker and employers, they understand that putting the right people in the right logistics positions strengthens the industry.

    More Info: About About SCM

  17. NeoGrid


    NeoGrid works with clients worldwide, creating and supplying software to empower supply chain management at all levels – manufacturing, distribution, and retail. Helping to organize and balance inventory, sales, and shipments, NeoGrid is an asset for all companies who have some roots in retail.

    More Info: About Neo Grid

  18. JDA Software Group, Inc

    JDA Software Group - the supply chain company

    JDA Software helps customers plan their global supply chain management processes from start to finish. Their integrated platform allows all aspects of the business to be tracked and delivered, creating sustainable and profitable business.

    More Info: About JDA

  19. Value Unchained

    Value Unchainged

    Value Unchained prides itself on exploring and researching the logistics world around them and getting rid of what doesn’t work – and focusing on what does. Their blog is full of articles on growing and innovation businesses, as well as what might be considered problematic in the industry.

    More Info: About Value Unchained

  20. Supply & Demand Chain Executive

    Supply and Demand Chain Exec

    Supply & Demand Chain Executive is a guide for leaders in the logistics industry, looking to be on the current edge of trends and technology in their field. It is a leading logistics intelligence publication that covers information and news from every area of the industry.

    More Info: Supply Chain Think Tank

  21. Venchurs


    Venchurs has a long and high-decorated history of for quality services and great partner relationships. From order fulfillment to warehousing to reserve logistics, they are able to meet a variety of needs for their customers.

    More Info: About Venchurs

  22. Advancing Productivity, Inventory and Competitive Success

    Advancing Productivity Inventory and Competitive success apics

    APCIS is the Association for Operations Management, helping those in the industry of logistics, purchasing, inventory, and other parts of the supply chain industry by providing them with a large body of news and research. Individuals and companies can find training resources and news articles for any area of their business.

    More Info: APICS

  23. Supply Chain Council

    Supply Chain Council

    SCC can help businesses measure their success and progress through their unique performance evaluation tools. Members provides templates, benchmarking, and other evaluation criteria for the logistics industry to assess their business.

    More Info: SCC Member Benefits

  24. Distribution Business Management Association

    Distribution Business Management Association

    The Distribution Business Management Association seeks to provide education and news to the growing logistics industry. With research provided by both leaders in the logistics industry as well as experts at universities, they are committed to education as a way to grow the industry.

    More Info: About DBMA

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Green Logistics

Transporting and storing goods, especially those that need to be refrigerated, such as food products, uses a great deal of electricity and fuel, but a logistics professional with an eye for the environment can minimize their carbon footprint through various strategies. Some logistics companies have made their name selling more environmentally conscious logistics services.

  1. Green Logistics Forum

    Green Logistics Forum

    The Green Logistics Forum presents itself as a worldewide partnership for environmentally responsible transportation and logistics, and backs up the claim with a site packed with learning resources for logistics professionals who want to make environmental sustainability a pillar of their business practices.

    More Info : List of Resources

  2. Bothnian Green Logistic Corridor

    Bothnian Green Logistics

    The Bothnian Corridor stretches across Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Russia, creating a substantial percentage of Europe’s import and exports. The Bothnian Green Logistics Corridor, through new technology tests and economic analysts, is helping to create solutions for green and sustainable logistics throughout these countries.

    More Info: About BGLC

  3. Sustainable Shipping

    Sustainable Shipping

    Sustainable Shipping is a news and research resource for the groundbreaking environment of green shipping and logistics. They produce stories five days a week focusing on any changes in the industry centering around legislation, cost, and client issues.

    More Info: About Sustainable Shipping

  4. Green Logistics

    Green Logistics

    Green Logistics focuses on how logistics companies can continue to be profitable, but also sustainable. The website explores the hazards of traditional freight methods and offers alternatives that are emerging in the industry.

    More Info: About the Project

  5. Green Logistics Consultant Group

    Green Logistics Constultants CO

    In a world where a growing concern is continuing a clean, sustainable business model, Green Logistics Consultant Group offers a large base of resources for their logistics clients. Through presentations, partnerships, and reports, they are able to offer information and options to logistics businesses looking for green solutions.

    More Info: List of Resources

  6. Green Supply Chain

    The Green Supply Chain

    Green Supply Chain is an online resource that helps supply chain managers focus on green business. Working with latest research and writing on the latest news, they help to bring ideas about green growth, sustainability, profit, and manufacturing together for their clients and others in the industry.

    More Info: Green 360 Logistics

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Honorable Mention

After publishing this list we got a ton of great responses and noticed that we had missed a few amazing logistics sites. We don’t want to leave any truly elite resources out of this list so we’re adding a new section for those who got missed on the first go-around, but who truly deserve to be mentioned here.

  1. Logistics Matter

    Logistics Matter

    Logistics Matter is an “independent supply chain and logistics news aggregator.”The site features articles on everything from forklift safety to the implications of supply chain management in space!

    More Info: The Space Supply Chain